Semrén & Månsson and Serneke Develope Sustainable City in Lund

Publicerat 2018-12-21

An innovative, inclusive and dynamic mixed-use city with housing, service, and businesses, joint together by three taller stand-out buildings. This is the vision for the square in the growing neighborhood Brunnshög in north-eastern Lund that Semrén & Månsson is developing together with Serneke.

Lund's municipal executive committee communicated their decision on land allocation for Serneke based on the proposal presented in collaboration with Semrén & Månsson. The ambition is for the areas close to Brunnshögstorget to become leading examples when it comes to sustainable urban planning. The primary focus will be placed on forward-thinking architecture, housing, and social life.

”The future way of living needs to be flexible, inclusive and offer a sense of community. By merging different types of housing and tenure statuses with social functions such as terraces for gardening, co-working spaces and communal areas we encourage new forms of sharing economy between residents”, says Tobias Landberg, Architect and Sustainability Lead at Semren & Månsson.

The proposition from Serneke and Semren & Månsson includes two blocks of a total of 50,000 square meters with various buildings of different sizes surrounding Brunnshögstorget. The neighborhoods are mainly made up of residences, which together with a variety of services, creative meeting spaces and commercial spaces create a synergy effect for the area and neighborhood as a whole. The residences will be distributed over three taller buildings, the tallest one reaching 35 floors. This will create space for businesses and make for a bustling square at ground level.

”By combining a variety of residences at the upper levels, with complementary functions at ground level, we are able to offer a lot of apartments in a relatively small area, and at the same time create a dynamic and lively city.  We now get the opportunity to develop our ideas from another project in Gothenburg where we have a successful collaboration with Serneke, called ‘Karlastaden’", says Magnus Månsson, Architect and Group President at Semrén & Månsson.

The municipality and property owners will invite the residents and public to study and develop the functions and synergies that will bring life to the square. The work on a detailed development plan can begin in the fall of 2018, and the construction work is estimated to start in 2020-2021, which means the buildings will be finished in 2023 at the earliest.

”We definitely look forward to being part of the development of an area as exciting as Brunnshög. This is an opportunity for us to be innovative and create socially sustainable residential areas according to our ambitions”, says Jonas Håkansson, Region Manager for Serneke Project Development.