Clarion Hotel Post

A 24,000 square-meter national monument was to be transformed into a modern large hotel of the highest class while simultaneously filling the need for a new central living room for the city. From the start, the office had been working to find opportunities to optimize the area and create a new expression in the middle of Gothenburg's historical gateway.

At the same time as the establishment in the area around Drottningtorget was being discussed, the office was working with hotel Avalon. All governing dimensions and parameters of the hotel project were therefore already on the table. During the tour it became clear how the historic post office building's sparse windows were an advantage for a hotel construction site. The big loading yard simultaneously offered the possibility for congress halls as well as creating the new volumes which were needed to achieve the desired number of rooms at the hotel.  Through an extremely successful relationship with the city's Real Estate, Traffic and City Planning Offices, the County Council and the National Heritage Board, Semrén & Mansson had the opportunity to transform a 24,000 square-foot post office into a 10,000 sqm large hotel. The well-filled lunches and evening activities in the hotel restaurant and bars are clear evidence of the hotel's goal to also become a meeting place for everyone in the city.

Peter Herder, Helena Axelsson
34 000 m²
Home Properties AB