Avalon Hotel

The detailed plan was formulated and the guidelines were drawn up in close cooperation with the City Construction Office for what would become Avalon Hotel. Semrén & Månsson participated from detailed planning to detailed design. Right from the outset, the goal was to create an extrovert and experimental building that united public content with an expressive exterior.

The asymmetry of the tapered plot was picked up and can be seen throughout the entire hotel in the form of a "broken line", both inside and out. Sensuous details, undulating timber walls and well planned interior design together form a holistic experience that is both provocative and fitting.

The result: a hotel with 101 rooms, a restaurant and bar at entrance level and a fantastic penthouse suite with its own rooftop pool. It also has a place in the international Design Hotels federation.

This building has also been nominated for the Kasper Sahlin award and the European Mies van der Rohe award. Avalon Hotel won an award from the Per and Alma Olsson Fund for outstanding architecture in 2008.

Magnus Månsson, Christopher Kihlberg
5 960 m²
ByggGöta Göteborg AB