Danska vägen

Few people wanted to build rented apartments after the turn of the millennium, in a time characterised by recession and abolished state subsidies. At that time, Semrén & Månsson took the initiative to develop rented apartments under its own auspices, resulting in land allocation in the district of Lunden in Gothenburg. This land allocation, for around 200 apartments, required the project to be divided over a number of parties and so we looked for and concluded cooperation agreements with JM (86 apartments) and Tuve Bygg AB (34 apartments).

The project involves adopting a comprehensive approach that allows us to adopt and explore the perspectives and roles of both the developer and the manager in addition to the role of architect. These new positions and tools give us the opportunity to control the project methodology ourselves with a view to building rented apartments which are cost effective, but without compromising the quality of the accommodation. We want to prove that it is possible to build a real brick building, lay limestone floors and afford oak details without harming the rent level! Yellow brick terraced houses with steep gable roofs will be placed along Danska Vägen, reflecting in a modern and low key manner the architecture of Lunden in terms of form, scale and materiality. Two tower blocks will be sited on a hill behind these, with a shared car park that links together all buildings at basement level. An intimate courtyard at group level will be sited above this.

Magnus Månsson
5 360 m²
Magnus Månsson Fastigheter AB