Semren & Månsson Invited to Participate in the Russian Investment Forum

Publicerat 2018-12-21

In 2013 Semrén & Månsson opened their first branch in Russia, making it the first Swedish architect office in Russia in 100 years. Since then, the office has participated in numerous important projects all over the country and introduced a new approach to architecture and urban planning. This week Magnus Månsson joined as speaker at the ‘Russian Investment Forum’ in Sotji where the majority of the Russian real estate sector had gathered to discuss qualitative construction.

900 million square meters of new real estate housing is planned to be built in Russia before 2025. This makes for a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for nearly 30 million Russians while modernizing and developing the entire construction process. The theme ‘Modern Housing’ is an important topic at the Russian Investment Forum in Sotji, the city that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Several Russian ministers will be on the panel debate for the development of the real estate sector. Semrén & Månsson’s group president Magnus Månsson is also invited to share his thoughts and ideas on the subject of city planning.

”After five years on the Russian market we have established a great reputation. It is a great honor to be invited as a speaker and to have the opportunity to share our perspective on Scandinavian architecture, sustainable city planning, and property management”, says Magnus Månsson.

A recent legislative proposal suggests establishing a minimum standard for apartments and urban development to increase the qualitative construction. The method of reducing production costs has already proven inadequate. Although there might be short-term profits, it creates long-term challenges; cheap construction materials lead to higher management costs and in the long-run less attractive cities.

”The Russian approach to urban planning is in need of a change and modernization and to add a more human scale. As architects with a holistic approach we have a great opportunity to bring an extra dimension with a sustainable appropriation which will be noticeable in Russian cities for generations to come”, says Magnus Månsson.

Today, Semrén & Månsson has offices in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, working on projects ranging from housing to hospitals and large-scale urban planning.